WaPo: A Mexican restaurant in Texas kept its mask rule. People threatened to call ICE on the staff. News

This fucking sucks. My wife is in Houston and has had to work the entire time this pandemic has been going on. Her sister is a teacher and has had to go back go in person teaching this year, despite the insane risks to the family at the house including their 92 year old grandmother. People have been bitching for months about schools reopening and sending their kids to their "free daycare" and this is exactly why I didn't care about people who wanted that. It's one thing to do it safely and it's entirely different when you have so many idiots who refuse to comply with basic safety steps that would save lives and allow some kind of normality to exist during these hard times.

People fucking suck, and the idea you would flip out and try to have honest people who are trying to get by and actually give you something you had in normal life before the pandemic, deported and shit because they ask you to do your part to also keep them safe while they give you that is disgusting.

Also fuck Greg Abbot, that little bitch is such a coward and got rid of the mandates and put the role onto businesses because then he doesn't need to take the heat for people who still want to force masks to not die in the shitty situation he got texas into. Never forget last year when texas locked down and the spike went away, Abbot did a press conference to talk about his reopening plan and said it would be phases and not move on unless the current phase didn't cause more cases…..then when phase 1 did cause more cases he decided to move onto phase 2 and 3 with nothing but a time frame controlling it. He didn't care about the case numbers or deaths, his whole plan was based on the time frame he picked.

Also never forget that this mother fucker blocked local judges from being able to mandate masks for weeks and even struck down their mandates they had in place, then when numbers spiked like crazy again and some judges tried to find a way around his awful order, in the end forcing businesses to mandate masks instead of people being told to by the government, he came out and acted like those judges had figured out this great little hidden loophole he left there weeks before and acted like he was glad they finally figured it out. This idiot seriously acted like the covid restrictions judges wanted was a puzzle they had to solve in his order while people died every week it was in effect before they did so.

Fucking awful person and he has always been a coward who refuses to admit he fucked up and take the blame for mistakes like a true leader would.