Washington – Best In State Golf Courses

Named after George Washington, Washington State lies in the Pacific Northwest and is the most northwesterly of the contiguous United States. Known as the Evergreen State due to its coniferous forests and marine climate that creates ideal grass growing conditions, Washington has the perfect ingredients for golf.

Despite being a youthful millennial, The Home Course has adopted the moniker “The Home of Golf in the Northwest” because it may become the HQ of the Washington State Golf Association and the Pacific Northwest Golf Association. The WSGA serves more than 600 golf clubs in the state of Washington and Northern Idaho so there’s a smörgåsbord of golf courses to choose from in the area.

Chambers Bay was until recently Washington’s highest profile championship facility, having hosted the 2010 US Amateur Championship (won by Peter Uihlein), and the rather controversial 2015 US Open (which Jordan Speith won. Big, bold, vertical – Chambers Bay) but it’s now been overshadowed by David McLay Kidd’s Gamble Sands.

Our Washington Best In State Rankings were last updated in July 2020. Click the link to read the story.