Wedding Day Snacks | Stave Off the Beast of Hanger

Your big day is just around the corner! If you’re here, it’s likely hit you that you and your favorite people need to remain energized and stave off the beast of “Hanger” on the wedding day. The last thing you want is to feel irritated on your most special day because you hungry and dehydrted. We compiled a list of wedding day snacks from our expert wedding planning tips to keep your party fueled with ease!

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Wedding Day Snacks

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Grab & Go

Your day will have many moving parts, so having snacks at the ready for on the go is your best bet! While sandwich trays may seem like a good idea, we reccomned individually packaged items. The idea of passing around a tray of sandwiches may sound totally doable, until you imagine passing that around on a moving bus while everyone is dressed in their best for the wedding ceremony (*unless they are mini, wrapped sandwiches, like the Jimmy John’s party platters).

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate & Avoid Stains

The final sips of anything that might stain your wedding dress or tux, should be taken right before you get dressed. Electrolyte drinks are great in theory, but they have the potential to stain. Have plenty of water on hand to keep everyone hydrated. It’s a long day with an even longer evening of celebrations ahead.

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Your wedding party is a great resource to keep track of delivering and loading food and beverage onto transportation or into venues (where allowed). If you would prefer your wedding party to relax and enjoy, here are some other people you may delegate this (and other) tasks to for your big weekend.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Our list includes a mix of treats and healthy snacks to get you through to the wedding celebrations. Why do we reccmned individually packaged? It’s easy to pass around, it lowers the risk of spreading of germs, you can snack small throughout the day where time allows, and it gives your party the ability to “grab and go” as they are getting on and off transportation or coming and going from getting ready rooms. When possible, we love to go local! Including local treats can be a nice surprise for your wedding party, too!

Individually wrapped sandwiches (like jimmy john’s party platters)

Mix & Match or add in your own flavor to create your wedding day snacks menu! Find more on our Amazon Snacks List here.

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Keep it Tidy

Don’t forget napkins or paper-towels for easy clean up and trash bags to dispose of everything quickly. If you are riding on reserved transportation, you’ll need to take the trash with you upon to departure to avoid additional clean up fees; if you are staying at the venue all day, you might double check with your venue that amenities will be provided to cross these off your list.

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