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Wedding Loans for Bad Credit From LoanNow – Easier, Faster, and Better

For many couples, their wedding day represents one of the highlights of their lives, with friends and family, lavish food and venues, music and of course, bridal party attire.  But weddings can be incredibly expensive – with many couples and their families splurging well into five figures.  While some couples and their families have ready access to the cash they need, a significant number must borrow.

Individuals with good credit have a number of resources to cover expenses for nuptials, including loans. But wedding loans for bad credit often carry significant drawbacks. Fortunately, LoanNow provides an alternative that allows couples and their families to plan and execute a beautiful ceremony – without the ugly consequences associated with loans that target consumers with bad credit.

Secured Bank Loans

Bank loans to cover wedding expenses are often out of reach for people with marginal credit, although in some cases, secured wedding loans for bad credit are an option.  For such loans, borrowers must offer collateral or provide a credit-worthy co-signer to be approved.  The problem with such loans is that many would-be borrowers not only have poor credit, but few assets to offer as collateral. Other prospective borrowers have no one they could ask to serve as a co-signer for a secured loan.

Secured Nonbank Loans

Many nonbank loans are aimed at the so-called subprime market – consumers who have bad credit now or who have had credit problems in the recent past.  Secured nonbank wedding loans for bad credit are available from establishments ranging from high-end jewelers to down-at-the-heels pawn shops.  While the details differ, the basics are the same across the board: borrowers provide personal items that lenders hold as collateral, in exchange for cash loans that cover only a percentage of their actual value. Loans must be repaid in a lump sum, customarily within 30 to 60 days. Borrowers who do not repay their loans forfeit their possessions for good.

Unsecured Payday Loans

Payday wedding loans for bad credit can drain the joy from what should be a joyous occasion through a three-sided trap featuring high interest rates, added fees and undesirable repayment terms. In fact, payday loans are frequently due long before the wedding date!  Many couples find that they must borrow a new loan just to pay off the original loan – or scale back their wedding and honeymoon plans significantly.  That’s no way to being the rest of your lives together.


LoanNow doesn’t offer wedding loans for bad credit. Instead, we provide personal loans for good people who are often overlooked by banks.  With LoanNow, you’re not just a FICO score – we consider your whole financial profile. We approve many borrowers banks turn down.  At the same time, our repayment plans are structured with convenient monthly installments – not lump sum payments. And we never require collateral.  Let LoanNow take care of financing your wedding – while you concentrate on making the most of the first day of your life with your spouse!