Oxy Acetylene torch Brazing- 2 part class

(required to take part 1 class before part 2)

Are you seeking a structural, yet calm and artistically beautiful way to join metals for your new project, piece, or design? Perhaps you do not have the money or power generation capacity to run a quality arc welding (“Stick”, “MIG”, “TIG”) set up? In a world of electricity, we often overlook a tried and true approach to functionally join metals; brazing. Technically oxygen-acetylene torch braze welding, this series is a preliminary hands on-education in “brazing”. We will explore gas safety, the basics of working with a very hot torch, and even try out fillet brazing, or joining two pieces of steel with bronze. This 4-class series is broken up into two parts.

Part One: Involves two, 2 hour classes of safety and torch basics. In these sessions you will get the basics of handling, lighting, and learning all the correct procedures when working with a torch set up. Plus get hands on and run beads.

Part Two: Another two, 2 hour classes of learn the techniques of fillet brazing. Take your skills to the next level in this class and try your hand at joining steel stock and tubing together.

Our goal is to offer an informative and adaptive workshop series exploring an introduction to a viable method of electricity-free, integral, and creative form of welding. Six students per class session.