Wells Fargo Secured Card Reviews 2022 | Credit Karma

I’ve had this card for 3 years. They will not raise your credit. If you use the card and make online payments to keep the balance of zero, Wells Fargo will take several days to post the payment. I have had to call Wells Fargo a dozen times over the last three years to have them explain to me why my balance is not zero even after two or three days after a payment. The only good thing about this card is that yes it did help me raise my credit limit. Now I tried not to use it at all because even though it’s my own **** money on deposit their chill still charging me the ridiculous APR. And again they get around to posting payments to this card whenever they feel like it. Makes me wonder who’s collecting interest on my payment, and millions of other payments that are held for two or three days while Wells Fargo thinks about posting it to the appropriate account. I have called them many times to explain the delay, and I have gotten a lot of flavorful answers. Mostly they say they do this to protect you. I do not believe that. I believe there is some way they are earning extra Revenue by holding the payments.