We’re Not Slackin’ on Snackin: JetBlue Introduces New Brand Name Snacks to Its Unlimited Free Options

Now serving Cheez-It® crackers and Ocean Spray® Craisins® onboard JetBlue flights; just two of five free unlimited premium brands in the JetBlue snack basket.

JetBlue – the airline made famous by its unlimited free blue chips and live seatback televisions – today announced it is now offering Cheez-It crackers and Ocean Spray Craisins® as part of the airline’s free unlimited onboard snack options.

JetBlue regularly refreshes its onboard snack options to include new choices and address changing customer preferences, but two things never change: snacks on JetBlue are always free, and always unlimited. JetBlue’s five free brand-name snacks are: Cheez-It crackers, Craisins® dried cranberries, PopCorners popcorn chips, Skeeter™ Nut-Free chocolate chip cookies, and the well-known Terra Blues® potato chips.

“Free snacks are back? They never went away at JetBlue,” said Jamie Perry, vice president of marketing, JetBlue. “When our onboard snack basket comes around you’re free to grab as much as you want. It’s like the comfort of your home – all the snacks you like, live television, and free Fly-Fi with streaming video while you relax in a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom.”

Whether salty or sweet, indulgent or health conscious, JetBlue looks to offer snacks that provide a variety of options for customers and satisfy all taste buds. Cheez-It Crackers are the No. 1 baked cheese cracker in America, contain nine grams of whole grains and are one of the top five most consumed salty snacks. Ocean Spray Craisins have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and are a great fat free, gluten free, and peanut free choice for JetBlue customers.

For 16 years, JetBlue has offered free unlimited brand-name snacks. For customers looking for additional eats onboard, JetBlue offers EatUp boxes on all flights and EatUp® Café menu options with fresh fair like spicy soba, Korean-style chicken or kale salad for select long-haul flights.

Recognized by JD Power with 12 consecutive awards for providing the highest in customer satisfaction, JetBlue continues to offer an unmatched inflight experience which includes their unlimited snack and drink options, freshly brewed Dunkin Donuts coffee, personal TV at every seat with 36+ channels of DirecTV® and 100+ channels of SIRIUS XM Radio as well as the most legroom in coach.