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The restaurants in Westport, MO, are legendary in the Kansas City area. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite before you head out to enjoy the neighborhood’s night life or you’ve come specifically to gorge yourself on the wide variety of local cuisine, you’re sure to leave satisfied. Places to eat in Westport, MO, should be categorized by what mood you’re in, so we’ve picked a few of area’s most popular haunts and the occasions that might inspire you to visit them.

If you’re in the mood for a boozy brunch:

The nightlife is infamous, but the midmorning scene at the Westport, Kansas City, restaurants is not to be ignored either. Why? One word, friends: brunch.

Ever heard of a Dutch baby? It’s a hot item on Beer Kitchen’s brunch menu, described as their “savory signature baked pancake, served with brunch potatoes.” Versions include Applewood Bacon, Black Forest or the Bavarian Apple, and they’re all worth trying—preferably with a daytime cocktail. If, however, that’s not what you’re in the mood for, Beer Kitchen’s brunch menu covers all of its bases, from “drunken doughnuts” to burgers to cheese fries.

Who needs a special occasion to pop champagne? A trip to Ça Va is reason enough to celebrate, and as their goal is to bring champagne to the masses, you can bet there will be bubbly aplenty. If you really feel like treating yourself, skip a main course and pair your drink with dessert.

Julep’s Sunday brunch menu is simple, sweet and to the point — which is just how it should be when there are so many cocktails to choose from. With drinks like the Garden and Gun, the Nellie Bly, and the Quintessential Julep, you’ll want to eat something hardy so you can focus your energies on sampling the spirits.

If you’ve got time for a long lunch:

The beauty of Westport KC restaurants can’t be taken in quickly. You’ll need to allow at least an hour or two to properly enjoy the food, the booze, and the atmosphere.

When margaritas are involved, any lunchtime experience is bound to be a good one. Port Fonda, however, doesn’t require tequila to be a phenomenal experience (although we do, of course, recommend that you try their margs). Whether you land on tacos, enchiladas, or one of the house specialties, you really can’t go wrong.

Whether the weather is nice enough to enjoy the patio or not, Harry’s is a local favorite of the restaurants in Westport, MO, for a reason. Between the tile floors and wood accents, the bar’s classic décor is reason enough to sit and relax for a while. The selection of whiskey and scotch doesn’t hurt, either.

If you’re looking for a place to spend an entire day:

The beauty of these restaurants in Westport, MO, is that you can come for a boozy brunch and stay until the wee hours. There’s food, there’s games, there’s alcohol — what more could you need?

Ale House is known best for its Friday and Saturday night crowds, but it’s the perfect place to spend a Saturday, whether the weather cooperates or not. From games both upstairs and down to daily specials on classic bar food, you can comfortably migrate from lunch to day drinking to an evening out, all without ever leaving the property. Bonus? It’s the best of the Westport, Kansas City, restaurants to watch sporting events.

It’s hard to rise to the top of the Kansas City barbecue scene, but that’s exactly what Char Bar has done. With its signature smoked meats (order the naked burnt ends) and its outdoor bar and adult playground of sorts, you’ll never feel the need to move the party elsewhere.

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