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A prime contender for the single most-used phrase in action scenes across the board. Traditionally prevalent in movies/TV, as it looks even dumber written down than it does spoken; however, video games have embraced the phrase with aplomb.

The phrase refers to the arrival on the scene of parties antagonistic to the speaker. While probably originally spoken mainly by protagonists, the phrase can now be equally expected to be heard by villains when the hero shows up on the scene. Originally, this trope would have been a wry indicator of the speaker’s aloof nature: while the phrase would be suited to friendly gatherings, describing the arrival of a cadre of heavily-armed miscreants in the tone of a gadabout planning the evening’s socializing is a good way to come off as unflappable and suave.

Or it would have been, if it had not become hijacked as the default thing that all people must say whenever anyone shows up with a mind to give them some trouble.


A brief compilation of many of these instances can be found here.

Variations include “we have company” and occasionally even “company’s coming”; however not only is the key device of referring to one’s antagonists as “company” widespread, it’s overwhelmingly conveyed in this exact phrasing.


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    Comic Books 

  • Line spoken by◊ Spider-Woman in Spider-Gwen when she spots a pack of Goblins Verna sent after Silk, Gwen and herself.

    Fan Works 

  • In the Gunslinger Girl fanfic “Heaven’s Conscripts”, several Padania terrorists are climbing a cliff to escape an Agency dragnet, only to find one of the cyborg girls waiting for them at the top, whereupon the lead climber uses this trope.

    “Good morning,” said Rico. It was important to remember your manners.





  • Averted in the Star*Drive novel On The Verge. When Concord marines board a Concord transport ship, a fleet officer states the trope, but then says “… and they look friendly”.

    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

  • Characters in Resident Evil tend to use the phrase, for instance in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • In the original Halo: Combat Evolved, as you descend towards Halo’s map room the Covenant brings down all sorts of hell to stop you, with the Marines’ response being “We’ve got company, let’s set the table.”
  • Kingdom Hearts has this quote when Sora and Co. first enter the Castle That Never Was.

    Goofy: Be careful! I think we got company!

  • Star Fox 64: In Bolse, a satellite orbiting Venom (the Big Bad’s stronghold), there’s a huge energy field, that when deactivated, launches the enemy fighters defending Bolse. This prompts Falco to yell “Looks like we’ve got company”.
  • Said verbatim by Ellie during the Toppat King route during Completing The Mission in the Henry Stickmin Series while charging up the rocket’s entrance ramp in a jeep.

    Western Animation 

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire has this with Rourke when Milo goes after him after the former took the crystal.
  • Finding Nemo: Spoken by Bruce, a sometimes-antagonist.
  • Treasure Planet: Said by Captain Amelia after crash-landing on the planet

    Web Original