What Is A Headhunter? Top 3 Headhunter Agencies In Vietnam

cong-ty-san-dau-nguoiA headhunter is an intermediary company that undertakes the search for talent according to the client’s requirements

1.   What is a headhunter agency?

A headhunter is an intermediary company that undertakes the search for talent according to the client’s requirements. Compared to traditional recruitment, headhunting is much more complicated and advanced.

The headhunters in headhunting companies are usually professionals with many years of experience, excellent skills, and an extensive network of contacts. To meet the talent recruitment requirements of customers, headhunters – head hunters will review their network to find suitable candidates in terms of capacity and quality. Then, convince them to participate in the hiring process.

2. Why do businesses need to use headhunting services?

Firms find headhunting services when they want to recruit high-level positions such as managers, but they have not yet found candidates. They do not want to waste too much time and effort on recruiting; instead of focusing on other goals. Therefore, headhunting services help enterprises find suitable candidates and save their resources.

3. Workflow of a headhunter

Every headhunting agency has its way of doing things. In general, however, they still have to follow some procedures. And a working process usually lasts 5-6 weeks, and headhunting companies promise a 2-3 months warranty with candidates.

Receiving recruitment information: Every headhunting agency has its way of doing things. In general, however, they still have to follow some procedures. And a working process usually lasts 5-6 weeks, and headhunting companies promise a 2-3 months warranty with candidates.

Selection of suitable candidates: Based on the requirements of capacity and skills that customers bring along with business analysis, headhunting companies will search, select qualified candidates and contact them.

Schedule candidate interviews with clients: Headhunters will send selected suitable profiles to the client company. Clients will choose CVs that meet their needs and schedule interviews here.

Completing the recruitment process: After closing the interview, businesses will send simultaneously to the candidate and the headhunting company.

4. Types of headhunting services

Mass Recruitment

Headhunters will receive a brief to recruit many candidates according to quality and quantity criteria. There is no high requirement for the candidate’s experience or professional skills in this form, so headhunting agencies will easily select suitable candidates.

Contingency Search

For this type of service, the business is quite advantageous. Because only when the candidate and the business reach an agreement can the headhunting company receive their pay. The vacancies are very diverse in many different ranks and fields. That’s why headhunters must have long-term experience, professional skills, and massive networks

Retained Search

Retained Search is the most advanced type of recruitment. Candidates are experienced and have senior professional skills because these are high-level positions. Therefore, high-level recruitment is the most expensive type.

This form of Executive Search divides into three payment periods.

  • The first time: Headhunters commit to finding candidates within a certain period
  • The second payment will be done during the time of finding candidates 
  • And the last payment will be paid when the business recruits suitable candidates. 

That helps firms and headhunters stick together and monitor the process more closely.

5. Criteria for choosing a headhunter agency

Be strong in the field of the client’s business

Businesses should choose agencies that specialize or have strengths in the fields in which they operate. Because then, these headhunters will better understand the wishes and expectations of the business for the recruiting position. At the same time, with many years of experience, the company can offer a competitive salary, in line with the general level of the market. And mainly because they already have strengths in the field, they will have a diverse source of candidates to meet and save times.

Have a reputable brand

Currently, on the market, there are many companies providing headhunter services. Still, not all companies will bring good results to your business. For reputable headhunter agencies, they will all be uploading complete information to their recruitment websites. And an excellent headhunter needs to have highly qualified and experienced staff. At the same time, there must be an extensive network of relationships, diverse industries, and a quality database accumulated over many years.

In addition, you can refer to acquaintances or people who have used headhunter services of different companies from groups on social networks. From there, you can make the right choice for your business. Some reputable headhunt agencies today such as Talentnet, HR2B, HR channels,…

Reasonable price and clear policy

Cost is one of the reasons why businesses are afraid to use headhunting services. The cost can depend quite a lot on the brand of the headhunting company. Therefore, headhunt companies need to offer reasonable prices and compete with the market. And, of course, businesses will feel more secure about the service and quality of candidates.

Before signing with any headhunting company, one important thing is to pay attention to the information related to the service provider policy clearly, such as warranty policy, claims, customer service, and support. At the same time, contract terms and payment conditions also need to be handled transparently.

Attitude, ability to support

Attitude and working style are factors that make cooperation convenient and practical. Therefore, the attitude of the headhunter is essential. With an intermediary position connecting candidates and businesses, headhunters need to provide accurate and specific information for both parties. Besides, the excellent communication of the headhunters will help to understand the customer’s requirements better and then respond as best as possible.

công ty săn đầu người việt namWith nearly 20 years of experience operating in the Vietnamese market, Talentnet has a general view of the market and can access a large number of potential candidates for senior positions

6. Top 3 Headhunters in Vietnam


With many years of experience, Talentnet is now developing nationwide and rising to be one of the best headhunting companies in the country. Professional vision and extensive expertise have helped Talentnet make a difference compared to other companies in the same field. With many partners who are multinational companies and large companies in Vietnam, Talentnet demonstrates the advantage of understanding the local market and owning a massive database of potential candidates from there. Confident always help to best meet the needs of customers..

Contact Info

Address: 33 Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (84 28) 6281 4188

Email: contact-hcm@talentnet.vn 

Contact us: https://www.talentnet.vn/vi/lien-he


Background as a human resource consulting company. Over time and with the market’s needs, HR2B has developed and become a reputable headhunting company in Vietnam. With many years of development, HR2B has qualified staff and a professional and efficient working process. Since then, it has become a quality bridge, bringing qualified candidates to the business.

Navigos Search

As one of the best headhunting companies in Ho Chi Minh City with 18 years of operation, Navigos Search meets and addresses a variety of needs of candidates and businesses. One of the strengths of Navigos Search is the team of former headhunters with extensive knowledge, divided into many industries and fields to help customers make the best choice. At the same time, Navigos Search regularly organizes many human resource seminars to help customers, and candidates get helpful information. In particular, Navigos Search and VietnamWorks are jointly owned by Navigos Group, thus bringing a large number of quality candidates to businesses.

7. Talentnet’s headhunting service

With nearly 20 years of experience operating in the Vietnamese market, Talentnet has a general view of the market and can access a large number of potential candidates for senior positions. Talentnet highly appreciated data from a vast network of mid-level candidates and senior managers. Along with that is a team of reputable, professional staff with specialized industry knowledge, thereby ensuring to help customers have objective and reliable assessments in their field.

Why choose us as a headhunting service provider?

  • The oldest talent recruitment service in Vietnam, established and operating since 1995
  • Massive database with more than 100,000 mid-level and above candidates
  • Received high praise from many domestic and foreign customers.

Talentnet’s headhunting services include:

  • Executive Search
  • Talent Mapping
  • Learn the market
  • Competency Assessment
  • Competency-Based Interview (CBI)
  • Outplacement