What is High Top Seating?

Commercial barstools come in diverse styles to offer comfort and versatility. While it’s difficult to predict each customer’s preference in seating, designers can assume there are different inclinations between standard seating, booths, and high tops among the general public.  So what is high top seating and what makes it different?

High top seating includes tables and stools that are higher than a regular dining set and taller than booth seats. Typically, high top seating will be stationed near a bar yet provide seating vignettes away from potentially crowded bar areas.

What Does High Top Seating Mean?

The standard height of a restaurant table is between 28 and 30 inches. The standard height for chairs and benches is between 18 and 23 inches. If commercial seating is labeled as high tops, it means the stool or pub furniture typically has a height of 30 inches or higher. Complementary tables should have a clearance of at least 12 inches from the seat to the underside of the tabletop.

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High Top Seating Versus Bar Stools?

High top seating provides dining furnishings that appeal to
customers who prefer sitting at the higher elevation that bar seating provides
but do not want to sit directly at a bar. “High” tables and chairs are
typically set near a bar setting and as an option to booth seating and standard

When designing a restaurant, or any dining venue, it’s best
to have varied commercial seating options. Opting for tables and chairs in
varying heights not only enhances the aesthetic of your venue but will also increase
the chances of pleasing visitors and establishing repeat customers.

High top seating is also a popular option in outdoor pool settings and any alfresco environment.

What is High Top Seating on Opentable?

In the OpenTable app, high top seating is a way to categorize your available tables under the Floor Plan setup. Typically, you will find commercial restaurant seating described as Regular, High-Top, Counter, Outdoor, or Bar seating. High Top means taller tables and taller chairs, usually in bar-stool styles yet not positioned at the bar.

Why Would Someone Prefer High Top over Standard?

High top seating is usually located in areas where there is less foot traffic than bar-located seating. In residential design or university venues, high tops add contemporary style in a simple way. Typically, high top seating is easily maintained and arranged yet can have a substantial impact on your design space.