What is Revenue Growth: How to Calculate & Improve – SharpSpring

Revenue growth strategy should be proactive rather than reactive, so get started now and reevaluate whenever necessary.

If you wait until there’s a problem, you may have to go into emergency profit strategy mode. Unfortunately, this focuses more on cost-cutting than growing revenue—which will likely make employees, investors, and customers nervous.

Though the best overarching strategy for revenue growth is ensuring each team is working together, there are more specific strategies for increasing revenue growth. Here are three of them.

Invest in Your Employees

As teams are made up of people with different opinions and concerns, the first step in any revenue growth strategy is to get buy-in.

Motivate your employees to buy in and do their best work by showing them you trust them (no micromanaging!) and providing them with professional development opportunities.

When your employees feel motivated—not to mention more competent thanks to the professional development—they may be more willing to listen and adjust to new methods.

Find New Ways to Reach Customers

To expand your market and keep your current customer base engaged, find new ways to reach your clients. Outreach methods can be part of your marketing, sales, or customer experience strategies—but ideally, the teams would work together for this.

These new ways could include developing a well-written blog, maintaining an active email list, investing in social media campaigns, or using paid advertising.

Use Technology

As business technology has evolved over the years, many companies have found themselves piecing together technology as needed.

Perhaps it started with word processing and spreadsheet software. Then came email. A basic website. An internal chat software. A more advanced website. Some social media. A customer relationship management system.

Suddenly, you have a ton of different programs and apps at your fingertips. Often, these things don’t communicate well with one another, and your employees must learn several different systems to get one project done.

Using the right technology can improve efficiency and, by extension, revenue. Research all-in-one systems to automate your processes, speed up communication, assist with marketing, and manage customer relations.

These types of revenue growth programs may look expensive at first glance. However, think about how much you spend on the separate systems you currently have—both on the programs and the time training and retraining on them.

Perhaps it’s time to simplify.