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  • YouTuber profited by allegedly dumping $16 million of Safemoon onto subscribers

  • Anchor Protocol coming to Polkadot (2 yields, 1 collateral)

  • The music industry in the metaverse

  • Uniswap trader who lost money trading alts is suing

  • UK to become crypto hub? How regulators can pave the way for crypto to succeed

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  • Binance update 2022: New BNB coin burn and a new HQ

  • How will crypto react as interest rates rise?

  • Twitter to allow crypto payments via Stripe on Polygon

  • NEAR blockchain launches USN stablecoin

  • How Web3 will make the idea of “logging in” redundant

  • Former rapper launches DAO to integrate wellness and the metaverse

  • Why Elon Musk buying Twitter is making Dogecoin moon

  • What is Magic Eden: Solana’s premier NFT marketplace

  • Bitcoin is getting greener

  • How Secure is Ethereum?

  • BlackRock launches blockchain ETF

  • You can now buy a house or pay rent with Bitcoin

  • Telegram messaging app integrates crypto payments

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  • Solana overwhelmed by transaction surge

  • Play-and-earn: why next-gen blockchain games are better

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  • New Bitcoin law sees Panama join crypto nation A-list

  • Algorand (ALGO) and FIFA announce partnership

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  • Binance joins Elon Musk in Twitter takeover

  • Why California’s new executive order is bullish for crypto

  • Real estate platform integrates Chainlink to automate rent payments

  • Portugal gets first direct crypto home sale

  • Argentina’s central bank acts to curb crypto sales

  • Theta Labs and Sony launch spatial reality NFTs

  • What is Marinade Finance (MNDE)?

  • Tensions emerge in Bitcoin community amid BIP119 proposal

  • Terra’s UST stablecoin breaks peg

  • Tomato Ketchup is entering the metaverse

  • Ethereum mining revenue drops to 5-year low

  • My 2 Sats: why Avalanche is a standout even as the markets crash

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  • Terra revival plan proposed by founder Do Kwon

  • Bankman-Fried takes 7.6% stake in Robinhood

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  • El Salvador hosts developing nations in Bitcoin adoption discussion

  • Another stablecoin stumbles: USDX

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  • Spotify experimenting with NFTs

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  • Brazil’s largest digital bank offers crypto to 53 million customers

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