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Working With Progressive

As businesses, insurance companies like Progressive work hard to keep costs down. Progressive will not be concerned with helping you recover and heal from your accident. They will pay out as little as possible. 

Progressive will assign your case to an insurance adjuster who will handle the investigation into your accident and assess your damages. They use a standard formula to calculate the amount of money Progressive will initially offer you as a settlement. The insurance adjuster is required to follow company protocols, and they are never in your best interest. 

The insurance adjuster only takes some of the economic damages suffered in the accident into account, usually medical expenses. This will almost certainly be less than the full amount to which you are entitled. Insurance companies take advantage of the reality that many injured people have lost their jobs, increased expenses and may be struggling financially. They will make a low initial settlement offer, hoping the person accepts out of necessity. 

You do not need to accept Progressive’s offer. You can negotiate a settlement that better represents the damages suffered in the accident.

Potential Damages in an Accident

After an accident with a commercial truck, the injured individuals could be entitled to compensation for various elements of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Physical Pain
  • Physical Impairment
  • Mental Anguish
  • Disfigurement

The damages incurred in an accident with an 18-wheeler are typically more severe than those in accidents with passenger vehicles. This is because commercial trucks are much heavier and handle differently than smaller cars. The passenger vehicle occupants are much more likely than the driver of the commercial truck to suffer catastrophic injury or death in an accident. 

There are both economic and noneconomic damages sustained in an accident, and both are valid. Economic damages are things like medical bills and lost wages that have an exact monetary value. Noneconomic damages are less obvious. Things like pain and suffering, and emotional distress may not be easily quantifiable, but they still deserve to be compensated fully and fairly. 

How Can an Attorney Help?

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you should speak with an attorney without delay. Truck accidents are complicated and often significantly more serious than other kinds of vehicle crashes. An attorney knows the legal steps to follow and understands the process of determining negligence and making a claim.

A truck accident attorney will have vast experience dealing with insurance companies and knows how to negotiate with them. Insurance adjusters can use aggressive or misleading tactics to get you to take a settlement that is less than you deserve. An attorney can advise you on the full potential worth of your case, taking all damages into account.

Commercial truck accidents may sometimes involve shared liability. For example, the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, the company that hired or scheduled the truck, and the truck’s manufacturer could all be held legally responsible for the accident, depending on the cause. An investigation into the collision should determine who should ultimately pay for damages. Your attorney can help you hold these companies accountable for their negligence. They often have the financial and legal resources to get out of paying accident victims fair settlements. 

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