Where Can I Find Free Online Data Entry Courses?

Free online data entry courses are found through these online websites with tutorials to help students learn about typing. Increasing your typing speed is just one way you can help prepare yourself for a data entry position.

What You Should Know

Data entry professionals, administrative assistants and anyone who uses a computer can improve their data entry skills with free online courses. Topics run the gamut from very basic – like typing – to more advanced subjects like SPSS. These resources can be used to improve speed and your understanding of the keyboard.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University's SPSS Basic Skills Tutorial: Data Entry course is designed to help students review and prepare for classes taught on campus. You won't receive credit for this course or communicate with instructors and other students, but you can access the course for free, even if you don't plan to attend the university.

What Will I Learn?

The course will teach you to use SPSS, a statistical analysis and data mining computer software program. You will learn to create new sets of data by entering information about the variables and properties associated with data sources.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

You could complete lab activities that involve entering data sets into SPSS and creating values and labels for the data. Other activities include changing data labels and values, as well as coding SPSS to consider data as missing.

What Materials Are Provided?

This course uses screenshots of SPSS to provide tutorials for entering data and other functions. You can also access a link to an Illinois State University webpage that provides tutorials for several other SPSS functions.


This website provides tutorials for interested individuals to learn about typing on a computer online for free. Typing tests are available to improve upon your abilities in this area, in addition to typing practice.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how fast you can type. You will also learn how to become comfortable with the keyboard layout.

What Materials Are Provided?

The website provides typing games requiring JavaScript and Flash. These games are designed to make you quicker at typing and more comfortable using a computer's keyboard.