Where Can I Find Free Online Horticulture Courses?

Several accredited colleges and universities offer free online horticulture classes. Keep reading to learn about the resources included in some of these courses.

What You Need to Know

Combine your hands-on experience growing plants in your home, yard or garden with knowledge you can gain from free online horticulture courses. Noncredit courses are available through numerous postsecondary schools. Available at your own convenience, these courses include various instructional videos and other reading resource materials for gardeners at various levels of experience. One even advertises events which can be attended for some hands-on experience.

1. Utah State University

Weed Control is a Utah State University OpenCourseWare (OCW) course that the school’s Department of Horticulture originally offered to students on campus. This is a non-credit course that consists of videos and audio that you can access for free at your convenience.

How Is the Course Structured?

This course consists of 27 short videos categorized under three topics – weed control overview, mechanical weed control and chemical weed control. Each topic includes several sub-topics, such as types of weeds, weed prevention and the impact of weed control applications on plants. There are also resources to help you identify weeds.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn to eradicate and control the growth of weeds in landscapes and gardens. This course covers the impact of weeds on trees and plants, methods for preventing weed growth and the effect on plants of applying weed-killing chemicals incorrectly.

2. Ohio State University

Web Garden is a free online resource provided by Ohio State University’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science. This website is designed for horticulture students and others who want to learn more about plants and landscaping.

What Resources Are Provided?

The website provides about 200 instructional videos on topics such as landscape design and maintenance. There is a plant information database and images of plants, insects and plant diseases. An illustrated horticulture glossary and gardening FAQs are also available.

How Will These Resources Help Me?

This website can help you design a garden, select plants and care for them. You can search for information about plants and trees in specific regions of the United States and Canada. You can also search for answers to questions by topics such as shrubs, bulbs, lawns and houseplants.

3. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lancaster County offers Horticulture: Your Yard and Garden, a free online educational resource. Although this resource is aimed at Nebraska residents, much of the information will help you care for your garden and yard.

What Resources Are Included?

The website offers information on topics such as houseplants, gardens, lawn care and plant diseases. There are articles and links that provide information on a range of subjects related to yard and plant care. A master gardener diagnostic center and seasonal gardening tips are also provided.

How Will These Resources Help Me?

This website will teach you yard and garden care techniques. You will learn to select garden tools, choose seeds and practice organic gardening. Resources cover a range of lawn care techniques from mowing and earthworm control to nitrogen fertilization and summer irrigation.