Where to Borrow $500 With Bad Credit

You can borrow $500 with bad credit from Oportun, OppLoans and Integra Credit, among other lenders. Most of the best places to borrow $500 with bad credit will require credit scores toward the upper end of the bad credit range. But people who cannot qualify can consider other options like no credit check loans, secured personal loans, and borrowing from friends and family.

Best Places to Borrow $500 With Bad Credit

If you can’t qualify for a loan from any of the above lenders, there are other ways to borrow $500 with bad credit.

Secured personal loans: These loans offer much better approval odds than regular personal loans, but they require collateral.

No credit check personal loans: There are a few personal loan providers that don’t do a credit check, but they only offer a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and have very expensive APRs.

Friends and family: These people are less likely to care about your credit score and should give you better terms than a traditional lender.

Payday lenders: These lenders let you borrow against your next paycheck. They often charge fees equivalent to a 400% APR. Avoid them if possible.

Auto title lenders: You can get a 15 to 30-day loan equal to a portion of your vehicle’s value. The interest is very expensive (as much as 25% of what you borrow), and you risk losing your car if you can’t pay back this type of loan. Avoid them if possible.

Pawnshops: You could get a loan of any size, depending on the value of the items you bring in. But you risk losing your property if you can’t reclaim it in the set timeframe.