Where to Eat in Boracay: 21 Best Restaurants and Must-Try…


10. Spicebird 

Spicebird's piri piri boardSpicebird's piri piri board

Photo by Spicebird 

Conveniently located inside D’Mall plaza behind the Ferris Wheel, Spicebird serves Piri-Piri chicken, a Portuguese sauce made of African chili, and a blend of spices. Their menu consists of starters to whet your appetite as well as grilled piri-piri boards made of various types of meat and seafood dishes, all subjected to 36-hour marinades that lend a flavorful bite to every mouthful.  

They also offer delicious sandwiches with a side of salads and chips, while their craft beers, wines, and sodas are the perfect complement to go with the food. End a hearty dish with a mango shake, or try the homemade Calamansi Cheesecake as a tart counterpoint to your savory meal.  

9. Epic Boracay

Epic Boracay's spareribsEpic Boracay's spareribs

Photo by Epic Boracay

Standing right at the center of D’Mall on Boracay Station 2 along the White Beach, Epic Boracay is best known for hosting many lively beach parties that attract huge crowds from all over the world. They serve fusion cuisine that combines the best of Western dishes and Asian food, created by some of the best local chefs in the country.

Interior of Epic BoracayInterior of Epic Boracay

Photo by Epic Boracay

Their Tapa and Eggs come in highly recommended by fans of rice pairings and breakfast food, while their most ordered appetizers include popcorn shrimp and gambas and their baked chilean mussels. Other crowd favorites include the seafood marina pasta, roast beef belly, Epic spare ribs, and the Epic cheesecake as a sweet ending to your meal. 

8. Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe 

Ube champorado from Cha Cha's Beach CafeUbe champorado from Cha Cha's Beach Cafe

Photo by @aicalearnstolive on Instagram

Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe is a beachfront cafe located on Boracay Station 2, the in-house restaurant of Coast Boracay Resort right along the White Beach. Famous for their sunset sessions called Cha-cha’s Sundown, they regularly host live DJs and musicians during happy hour at 3 to 8 PM every day, offering buy 1 take 1 cocktails to guests. 

They serve local and international fusion cuisine, a curated selection of dishes from various parts of the world. One of their breakfast favorites is the ube champorado, a sweet rice pudding meal made of purple yam, while the baked scallops and rice meals also come highly recommended. Other dishes to try include various seafood staples, the coconut mango tres leches, beach grill, and pizzas. 

7. SteamPunk 

Steampunk Burgers' regular and triple x burgerSteampunk Burgers' regular and triple x burger

Photo by Steampunk Burgers

SteamPunk is conveniently located inside D’Mall, one of several open-air burger joints that can be found in Boracay. What sets them apart is that they offer the biggest burger on the island called the Triple X, a 500-gram beef patty served with a side of either fries or potato wedges. 

They also have sandwiches that use bread and buns freshly made in-house, which all go well with a tall glass of chocolate or vanilla shake. Steampunk also has a wide selection of toppings and sidings to suit your specific burger cravings. Other dishes include rice meals and sizzling meats, while the churros is a great dessert to end your meal with. 

6. Mosaic Latin American Grill

Mosaic Latin American Grill's tomahawk steakMosaic Latin American Grill's tomahawk steak

Photo by Mosaic Latin American Grill

Mosaic Latin American Grill is one of three dining options found at Crimson Resort and Spa, an upscale resort located in an exclusive hideaway called Station Zero in Boracay. With its tall glass walls and wooden ceiling, the restaurant interiors give the illusion of dining inside an aquarium.

This restaurant at Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay serves authentic Latin American cuisine with a local flair, with dishes such as the ‘tirdito ahmunado’ or shrimp ceviche and the ‘pollito con papas’ or thyme-infused spring chicken with roasted potatoes. Other signature dishes include ‘adobo al estilo pibil’, a Peruvian style Iberico pork tenderloin, premium beef like the Tomahawk steak, and the ‘clasico tiradito’ a salmon starter made with lime and fresh herbs. 

5. Lemoni Cafe

Cake from Lemoni CafeCake from Lemoni Cafe

Photo by Lemoni Cafe

Located at an open-air venue near Boracay Station 2, Lemoni Cafe can easily be found at the corner D’Mall, Boracay’s foremost commercial center and food haven. They serve fresh gourmet cuisine along with fruit juice, unique beverages, and a wide selection of dessert and cake options.

Health-conscious eaters will find plenty of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu that include salads, paninis, sandwiches, and vegan main courses. Dieters looking for detox options will find that their freshly squeezed green and vegetable juices are made from fresh ingredients without additives or additional sugar.

Exterior of Lemoni CafeExterior of Lemoni Cafe

Photo by Lemoni Cafe

But what most customers flock to see at Lemoni Cafe are their pastries and desserts, particularly their cake creations. Crafted with whimsical designs, their cakes can be custom-made for special occasions, just give them a few days’ notice to create something special for you. 

4. Nonie’s 

Nonie's bistek tagalogNonie's bistek tagalog

Photo by Nonie’s

Health-conscious eaters who follow the slow food movement will be happy to know that this restaurant serves fresh dishes that use locally sourced ingredients, with marinades, sauces, and bread made entirely from scratch. But even those who just want to taste good food will find them at Nonie’s, a Filipino fusion restaurant located at Station X in Hue Hotels and Resorts. 

They have starters that include salads and sticky pork ribs, while their food bowls, such as their adlai munggo bowl, provide a filling and complete meal. Try their all-day brunch options like the mango-banana smoothie bowl or beef brisket benedict, while Filipino staples like chicken pork adobo or bistek tagalog are served with organic black rice. They also customize meals for anyone with food restrictions or allergies, so feel free to let them know of any special food requests. 

3. Sunny Side Cafe 

Sunny Side Cafe's bacon and mango sandwichSunny Side Cafe's bacon and mango sandwich

Photo by Sunny Side Cafe

Standing on a beachfront location along Boracay Station 3 is Sunny Side Cafe, a restaurant serving contemporary breakfast meals that anyone would love to have at any time of the day. This cafe already has something of a cult following among foodies who have helped popularize house favorites such as the Bacon and Mango Cheese Sandwich, a savory meal made with a huge chunk of meat and a special mango-infused sauce that comes with a side of tomato soup and sweet potato hay. 

Other crowd-pleasers include their Choriburger and Espresso-Caramel Pancakes, and Avocado Bacon Smash, both of which are best enjoyed with either a tall refreshing mango shake or fruit juice. They also serve locally roasted specialty coffee, the perfect pairing to all of the breakfast fare available on the menu.   

2. Dos Mestizos 

Dishes from Dos Mestizos' menuDishes from Dos Mestizos' menu

Photo by Dos Mestizos 

This popular Boracay restaurant has some of the best Spanish cuisines on the island, offering heirloom recipes typically served in traditional Filipino-Castilian homes. Dos Mestizos’ staples and crowd favorites include paellas, tortilla de patata, salpicao de vaca, callos, and bacalao, while their hearty sampling of tapas are not be missed.

Dos Mestizos has now moved from its original location along Calle Remedio on Station 2, to their current stomping grounds along the Main Road on Station 1, right across Sea Wind Resort. 

1. Los Indios Bravos 

Los Indios Bravos' seafood platterLos Indios Bravos' seafood platter

Photo by Los Indios Bravos 

Los Indios Bravos is a gastropub found in White House Boracay, a beach resort located on Station 1, an area reputed to have the finest sand and clearest waters along whole the stretch of White Beach. “Los Indios Bravos” translates to “the brave natives”, a term coined by pioneering Filipino intellectuals in the 1800s who sought social reforms. 

Exterior of Los Indios BravosExterior of Los Indios Bravos

Photo by Los Indios Bravos 

They serve classic pub food from various parts of the world along with a wide selection of all-Filipino hand-crafted beers on tap, true to the pioneering spirit of their forebears in their efforts to showcase Filipino craft beer in their menu.

Traditional favorites include seafood platters, ribs, premium steaks, and Aklan fresh oysters, as well as desserts, with the banana bread ala-mode coming in highly recommended. 

Check Out These Top Restaurants in Boracay

Aerial view of Boracay's White BeachAerial view of Boracay's White Beach

Boracay has a wide variety of restaurants that come from many corners of the world, with selections catering to everyone from casual eaters to sophisticated palates. Many of these restaurants serve dishes prepared by chefs or cooks who come from the food’s country of origin, lending an authentic spin to their well-loved house favorites.  

Some of these food havens are widely regarded as Boracay must-eat restaurants, such as Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar, an island institution that’s been around since the late 1980s, while others are newer but just as delicious as the traditional staples. 

Whether you’re a vegetarian looking for a plant-based menu, a certified carnivore who loves a big chunk of meat, a sweet tooth looking for the next sugary treat, or a picky eater looking for dishes that use locally sourced, organic ingredients, you’re bound to find exactly what you want from the selection of Boracay restaurants included in this list.