Where to Eat in Lake Como | 10 Best Restaurants in Lake Como

Lake Como is an amazing destination for you to experience.  The calm serenity of the lake combined with the quaint villages and towns make it the ultimate vacation spot.  The lake actually covers a vast area in Northern Italy and due to its location, their local cuisine is filled with fresh water fish and seafood.

There are actually tons of restaurants in the area so it can be a bit difficult to find which ones are really good.  All of the restaurants have their own personal touches and unique selling points so we have collected some of our favorite spots on the Lake.  Whether you want mussels, traditional Lake como dishes or a good view! We have got you covered! Here are our 10 Best restaurants in Lake Como! 


Antica Trattoria is located in the tiny village of Mezzegra.  When walking along the pebble-covered street, you will see a  sign with the name of the restaurant on the wall outside.   It is a small establishment that offers a tasting menu of 4 courses.  If you don’t want to have a course menu you can also order a la carte.  Their signature dishes include a roasted suckling pig and also a selection of Como lake fish as starters.

Address: Azzano di Via Sant’Abbondio 8, Mezzegra

Phone:+39 0344 41789


After climbing through the steep hills of Bellagio, you will be saved by the food of San Giacomo.  This restaurant would fall more in the smart casual category.  However, the dishes are made in a more home cooked type of style.  The prices here are budget friendly considering the other restaurants in the area.  At lunch, they have a fixed menu which will give you a good taste of the local cuisine.    However,  if you don’t order from the fixed menu make sure to try their lake fish and pasta. Oh! and don’t forget about the wine.

Address: Salita Serbelloni 45, Bellagio

Phone: +39 031 950329


Another beautiful find in Bellagio is Terrazza Barchetta. The restaurant is in a street filled with colorfully decorated balconies and they have a terrace where you can have your lunch or dinner. The view from here is incredible! The menu mostly has traditional Bellagio dishes along with typical Lake Como cuisine. That means there is a good selection of fish as a main dish or fish sauce based pastas and risottos. Make sure you book a place as there is limited seating on the terrace.

Address:  Salita Antonio Mella 15 , Bellagio

Phone: +39 031 951389


Market Place was opened by Chef Davide Maci in 2011. The restaurant focuses on high-quality ingredients and expert cooking techniques to create an amazing culinary journey for its guests. Their menus often change according to the season. They offer 2 different tasting menus but also have an a la carte option.  They have plates of monkfish, Ombrina fish and also traditional classics such as goat cheese ravioli.  All made with a unique touch.

Address: Via Gerolamo Borsieri 21, Como

Phone: +39 031 270712


L’Orangeri has perhaps one of the best views of the many restaurants in Lake Como.  The restaurant is actually inside of the CastaDiva Resort and Spa.  The restaurant has a great ambiance, quality service, and a well-curated menu.  The menu tends to change based on the season and in the summer they offer 4 different tasting menus made especially for these warm months! Naturally, this is an expensive place more so than other restaurants in the area. However, if you are celebrating an occasion like an anniversary, it’s an amazing place to go.

Address: Via Enrico Caronti 69, Blevio

Phone: +39 331 307 0116


If you want to have a real Michelin-star experience while in Lake Como try Mistral.  It is located in the Bellagio area and they have a very innovative Italian kitchen.   The reason for this lies in their focus on molecular gastronomy techniques to recreate traditional Italian dishes.  Their menu is mainly based on Mediterranean Italian dishes so the food usually contains fish and seafood.   Their desserts are also incredible, for example, their ice creams are made with liquid nitrogen right at your table! It’s a real experience.   Make sure to make a reservation and check their dress code before going!

Address: Via Roma 1, Bellagio

Phone: +39 031 956435


Nicolin is an upscale restaurant located outside the center of Lecco.  You can decide whether you want to try their tasting menu or order a la carte.  The tasting menu is split into two: Mare and Terra.  This means that the menus are either based on the sea (mare) or earth (terra). Chef Giovanni is able to create an environment that is both sophisticated yet cozy and as you might have guessed Nicolin is a Michelin recommended restaurant.

Address: Via Amilcare Ponchielli 54,  Lecco

Phone: +39 0341 422122


La Vita Bella offers more moderately priced and home-style cooked dishes in the Central part of Como.  The name is “Life is beautiful” in English and when you eat here you will think the same.  Their menu has more than 50 different types of salads, that are all known to be delicious! However, they also have a lot of traditional Italian meals like pasta, risotto and fish dishes!  Go to La Vita e Bell for a more casual and home-like environment.

Address: Piazza Domenico Croggi 4,  Como, Italy

Phone: +39 031 302667


I Tigli in Theoria is one of the most well-known restaurants in the central Como area.  The reason for this is for the balance and refinery of their food and the creativity of their menu.   They have both a la carte and tasting menus.  As you can imagine the restaurant is a bit pricey.  However, if you want to get a slightly less expensive meal you can go for lunch and have their short version of a tasting menu. They also have amazing cocktails and drinks to accompany your meal.  The restaurant is in a very historical palace and you can walk around and explore it before or after you eat.

Address: Via Aurelio Bianchi Giovini 41,  Como

Phone: +39 031 305272


Al Veluu is a favorite of many international celebrities and royals in Lake Como.  It is an exquisite restaurant with amazing views of Lake Como.  The philosophy behind this restaurant is to grow their own ingredients as much as they can so that their foods are as fresh as possible.  They also make their own limoncello as well so make sure to have a shot after your meal!

Address: Via Rogaro 11, 22019, Tremezzina

Phone: +39 0344 40510