Where to eat Korean food in Fort Lee: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Reviewed By foodlovergirlny

Right across the George Washington Bridge over to Fort Lee, NJ is where you can get good Korean food at affordable prices. We found this restaurant serving classic soft-tofu soup, and also some bibimbop and bulgogi dishes. The inside was a good size, with a good amount of seating. They had a kids play room next to the dining room, and they had a monitor that shows the live feed of the room. So, you could leave your kids in there while you eat at the table peacefully, knowing (seeing) your kid is safe.We both ordered Soon Tofu combo, and I ordered Spicy Pork Bulgogi Combo. The tofu soup had a choice of Assorted Seafood & Beef or Vegetable tofu soup. You can change the type of tofu soup with an additional cost if you want. I changed mine to just Beef tofu soup.The soup bowl was not as big, but then again, having it with meat dish and rice would be more than enough. When ordering Soon tofu, you need to choose the level of spiciness. I went with “Mild” instead of “Medium.” The spiciness was good, not very spicy.The Beef Soon Tofu was pretty good, it had a good amount of beef in it. We cracked open the raw egg that came with the appetizer and let it cook in the hot soup. The Spicy Pork Bulgogi was excellent, the marinate was simply delicious! Pretty good portion and it was the perfect comfort food.My husband went with LA Gochujang Pork Combo. He change the tofu soup to be Seafood Soon Tofu. The broth had very distinctive seafood broth flavor to it, very different from their beef soon tofu. It was tasty and my husband enjoyed every bite of it.LA Gochujang Pork is very similar to Spicy Pork Bulgogi. The main difference is that the meat used in the LA Gochujang Pork is more fatty than the bulgogi. The flavor itself was almost the same as the bulgogi.The service was ok, they were efficient but not overly friendly. Maybe they are not too used to non-Korean customers? They were nice enough though. The food was great and I thought the price was good when you consider all the food that you are receiving. I would like to go back again to get some more of their soon tofu!