Where To Find NYC’s Top Middle Eastern Food

There’s no shortage of delectable Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals to be had in NYC, for the most part scattered around the city rather than clustered into cultural enclaves. Whether it’s a big, boisterous group dinner where shareable plates reign supreme or a quick but truly satisfying take-out scenario, there’s an impressive roster of top notch destinations for exceptional food from Lebanon, Persia, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, and more.

Some spots stick to faithfully concocted, authentic recipes passed down generations, while others explore multiple geographic areas’ cuisines on one menu — or even take a fusion approach, nodding at different culinary traditions in a single dish. Find reliable standbys like hummus and falafel executed in slightly different, nuanced ways at a number of the places outlined ahead, as well as harder-to-find dishes that are worth seeking out. Ahead, 19 great places in NYC to eat the best pita, kebabs, spreads, and much more.

Note: This map is arranged geographically, south through Manhattan and north through Brooklyn and Queens.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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