Who we are – MAPFRE

We are trust. We cater to insurance needs worldwide. Approximately 26 million people trust us.

We are service. We protect our clients’ current needs and help them build their futures. We support them through the years, helping to solve their problems.

We protect talent because we believe in it. Talent also improves our ability to generate value for our clients. Our teams are trained by qualified technicians who put us in a market-leading position. We have more than 34,000 workers worldwide.

We work to build the future and are committed to innovation. We are transforming ourselves to be in a position to also support our clients in the digital, connected world. We are already working on the insurance needs of the future.

We protect societies from catastrophic risks and help mitigate the effects of these risks by reinforcing commitment and contributing to a more sustainable world. We’re playing our part in this global challenge.

In short, at MAPFRE we are people who take care of people.