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When deciding to start a mobile food business, you can choose from restaurant car, food cart, and food trailer. As a restaurant car, it offers space for flexibility. The average length usually ranges from 14 to 34 feet. A larger size would allow you to cook the food inside it. Otherwise, you can choose a smaller one to sell food, and prepare meals elsewhere.

Think about what you would sell. After planning the menu, you can think through the entire process. You can make a full list of tools you would use, from chopping, grinding, to baking or grilling. Then you can have a clear idea of how much space you need to store the machines, tools, equally important food ingredients, etc.

There are many restaurant car targeted at specific food. They are more professional and convenient in making one type of food. If you have determined what to sell, you can choose one of such options. Alibaba.com offer you coffee trucks, grill trucks, taco truck, as well as ice cream trucks for sale. Compared with renting a food truck or a used food truck, buying a food truck new have many advantages. It can help you avoid costly repairs, apply customized tailors to your buyers, and relieve your worries about damages.

The food truck cost range hugely depending on your needs. You can explore and discover your ideal restaurant car for wholesale, provided by food truck trailers and food truck builders on Alibaba.com.