Why You Might Want to Avoid Sonic’s New Cinnasnacks [Report] – Fast Food Geek

Sonic Drive-In has a massive menu, one that includes hundreds of drink combinations, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, and breakfast options.  But you might want to lay off Sonic’s newest breakfast treat in the Cinnasnacks.  They look pretty harmless, with a warm, buttery pastry exterior, filled with cinnamon and served with cream cheese frosting on the side.  Then you take a gander at the nutrition.

It’s really hard to find one element of nutritional facts that is somewhat redeeming, because well they’re pretty atrocious in general.  In just three small pieces and one cream cheese packet we have 37 grams of fat, 12 of which are saturated, and 3 of which are the heart attack inducing Trans, a staggering 680 calories, and 49 grams of sugar.  We don’t like to single out items too often on Fast Food Geek, but whenever an item can appear to be a simple add on to your meal but has over half of your days amount of fat, it’s worth noting.

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