Wicked Tuna TV Show – Gloucester, MA | Cape Ann’s Marina Resort

Tuna.com | Captain Dave Carrero  with over 33 years of experience provides his guests with a fun, safe, and knowledgeable deep sea fishing trip.  412-759-3584  tuna.comcharters@yahoo.com  www.fishgloucester.com

Wicked Pissah | Captain Paul Hebert
  Big game fishing running through Captains Paul’s family history, his passion for the sea and for fishing is evident in his excitement while he teaches everyone he comes in contact with a little bit more about the deep sea.

Jackson Patrican | Time Flies with more than a decade of experience standing behind the wheel. The 26 year-old college graduate has dedicated his life to fishing; from fresh to saltwater Jack has mastered the tactics used to catch the Northeast’s top gamefish. Very passionate about the ocean and all its inhabitants, Jack prefers to spend his time on the water, which makes fishing aboard the Time Flies more than just a charter. www.timefliesfishingcharters.com

Bounty Hunter| Captain Bill Monte has been dedicated to the catch for over 40 years alongside his wife Donna Monte. Bill has a vast knowledge of various fish species and can take you out on the water for just about anything you’d like to rail in.  www.gloustafishingcharters.com

Hot Tuna | Captain TJ Ott being ambitious by nature his first Blue Fin Tuna was caught before he was even a teenager, and he’s been hooked on the sea since. Splitting his time between Key West Florida and Gloucester MA TJ knows all the techniques from coast to coast.
617-606-1448  www.bookgfc.com/hot-tuna-2

Hard Merchandise |  Captain Dave Marciano a hardworking and dedicated man who’s goal is not only to catch  fish but to feed the community and his family.  Dave runs a constant working vessel alongside his son Joseph Marciano but enjoys taking the time to take out eager enthusiasts.  www.fvhardmerchandise.com

Pinwheel | Captain Tyler McLaughlin not your typical college graduate his first 35ft fishing vessel was purchased as soon as he graduated from Nichols College. Tyler got a taste of the sea at a young age while watching his father wrangle in giant blue fin tuna so it no surprise that he has followed his father’s footsteps.