Willy's Wonderland (Restaurant)

Willy's Wonderland

"Because when you're at Willy's, The fun never ends."


Hot dog serving restaurant


Willy's Wonderland is the main setting of Willy's Wonderland (Movie).


In 1996, Jerry Robert Willis, the entertainment center's founder and original owner had it built for many families in Hayesville and all other neighbouring towns to celebrate birthdays and have fun. However, the whole place is nothing but a façade and Jerry and his crew were serial killers working together to lure unsuspecting victims to their fate.
After numerous missing person and murder reports, the authorities arrived to arrest Jerry and his cohorts. They eventually found the killers dead in the Super Happy Fun Room. It turns out that they killed themselves in a Satanic ritual to prevent themselves from being captured. After that, Jerry's soul was transferred into Willy Weasel, while his crew went into the other animatronics. As a result, Willy's Wonderland was shut down and no one dared to enter the place for a long time after the murders finally came to light.

Ten years later, Willy's Wonderland was reopened by the new owner, Tex Macadoo, to keep the people unaware of this horrific past. However, due to Willy and the other animatronics being possessed, they began to attack, scare, and even kill children. After children were found either dead, trauamatized, or injured, Willy's Wonderland had to be permanently shutdown once again.

Tex tried to have the place torn down, but Willy killed the contractor and his family and no one took the job of tearing it down so they decided to leave it as is, locking it up and letting the place rot. Unfortunately, it didn't stop Willy from killing other residents in their own homes and in other places (an ice cream shop, a hardware store, and even a school, to name a few) so the town reluctantly had no other choice but to find people and trap them to be killed in exchange for leaving Hayesville alone.


Super Happy Fun Room

This is a room where the Killers lured families into the back of the restaurant, promising a "Personal visit from Willy to wish you a happy birthday" but instead murdering them. When the authorities became suspicious and stormed the restaurant, Jerry Robert Willis and his colleagues retreated and conducted a satanic ritual, transferring their souls into the animatronics. The killer's souls possesses each animatronic.

Dining Area/Stage

This is where Willy Weasel and the Willy’s Wonderland Band perform. As the Janitor cleans up the stage, the gang goes up and tries to kill him.


This is where The Janitor takes his breaks. He plays on a pinball machine while drinking a single can of soda each break. It also seems like the safest place in all of Willy's.

Janitor's Closet

Where all the Cleaning supplies are kept. The Door sometimes seem to get Stuck.


The Hallways leads to one of the Rooms in Willy's Wonderland.


The Bathroom is one of the locations in the Restaurant. In the movie, only the male toilet is seen, but they could also be a female one. In the male toilet, several cubicles can be seen, as well as 4 toilet stalls and some mirrors. After the murders, the place was covered in graffiti.

Gus's Great Arcade

This is an arcade that kids play at. Chris gets scared and hides there, whereupon Cammy Chameleon calms him down, saying that she "Would keep him safe".

Siren Sara’s Fairy Forest

Siren Sara’s Forest is one of the locations in the Restaurant. From the movie, a couple of vine-like decorations with yellow lights can be seen. As mentioned by Siren Sara, there is also a Treehouse.

Knighty Knight's Castle

Tito's Play Place

Arty Alligator's Art Room

Ozzie's Prize Area

Cammy's Party Room


This is the way to get inside of Willy's when the door is Locked up, Liv goes through the vents but gets chased by Arty but she managed to make it to Siren Sara's Fairy Forest.


  • The location was originally called Wally's Wonderworld.