Wish (company) – Wiki

Wish is a San Francisco-based e-commerce company that has a platform where users can shop for common goods at largely discounted prices. It was founded by Pete Szulczewski and Danny Zhang and has raised more than $1.6 billion over the course of nine funding rounds.


The platform is accessible via web browser or mobile application for Android or iOS systems. Users can scroll through hundreds of items, such as shoes, jewelry, smart watches, clothing, and cosmetics. A lot of the products are unique and the algorithm for the advertisements is intended to intrigue users into using the platform.

Many of the products are produced and shipped from China and can take a few weeks to arrive at the user’s home. On the platform, users can see a search engine to enter items for which they are specifically looking, scroll through goods that are popular on the platform, view express items, and their own history of shopping on Wish. Users can also make a wishlist so they can save items they like and buy them at a later time.