Working at America’s Incredible Pizza Company: 53 Reviews |

Employees are expected to work 11.5 hours on Saturdays and 10.5 on Sundays. Both days. Employees are given a single 30 minute break. Break is usually given 2 hours into the shift, which leaves 9 hours of constant work. Managers do what they can with the resources they have. With the way Incredible Pizza is structured, it is impossible to be given any more breaks. Standing for the entire 12 hours is required. Drinks are not allowed at stations, meaning you have to request someone to come over and allow you to get a drink. Same with using the restroom. If you have any sensory issues at all, this is not the job for you. Super loud and bright environment. Cashiers make commissions and bussers make tips. Game room does not get any benefit like that. Game room works the longest shifts, deals with mess ups from poorly trained cashiers, and works with the angriest customers, but is treated the poorest by corporate. Game room management tries their best, but does not have resources to make any kind of positive work environment. Coworkers are usually fun people, but the work environment is extremely exhausting. If you’re looking for a job, pick one that gives breaks and pays fairly. They’re out there, but this isn’t one of them.