Working at Anker Innovations: Employee Reviews |

Joining the Anker Innovations team has been a fantastic experience and has jumpstarted my career in consumer electronics and fine-tuned my long-standing customer service skills. Take note, you do NOT need to be an engineer to take a position, just have a willingness to learn and ask questions.

You are surrounded by a team that will hold you up, they make sure joining in here is easy and all training materials are accessible NOTE: It is vital that you are accountable to your colleagues in return. If you show up, put in the time, and are eager to make this a winning team, you will succeed and be recognized for it. Those are the people who rise up and are able to find leadership positions, product expert positions, or even training positions. It can happen fast so get ready, there are no empty promises at Anker and it is a generous company. We are a happy lot too. We still make time to be social and have fun.

It is still a call center so be mindful that you will need to provide high-quality customer service and be available to answer calls in a remote setting. This means make sure you have a dependable wifi connection, make sure you have access to a quiet space to work. Punctual attendance is necessary so this is perfect for those that can prioritize and manage their time. Anker is great at providing everything you need to succeed from home but YOU NEED TO ASK FOR ALL EQUIPMENT if you do not have access to work grade items. The company is committed to ensuring everyone has the tools to complete their job consistently which is appreciated and takes the pressure off.

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