Working at Fred Loya Insurance: 624 Reviews |

I had no clue on how insurance worked or anything. They gave me a 2 paid week training for me to take the state test to get my license. The training is a regular 8 hour shift (two 10 minute breaks, an hour lunch). They covered the state test fees (if you fail, you pay out of your pocket the times you try again). You then move into an office once you pass the test to continue into training at an actual office to get the training for the systems they use. I believe before it was a 1 full month training instead of being transferred to an office after 2 weeks (not sure now). The office environment is not the best. The management is horrible. Employees and managers talking bad about the trainees and their progress, it makes you feel a way if you’re a new employee. Many managers have left within my time being here due to no raise after being with the company for over 7 years or so. The customers are often very rude and disrespectful. You do need to have a car/license because they require you to make bank deposits (you do get paid for driving not much but it’s something). It sucks when you’re new because there’s not much flexibility in case you want to go on a trip or something since you don’t get paid time off after a year of being with the company.