Working at The Clorox Company: 553 Reviews |

I wouldn’t call it a bad job, but it used to be much better. Management changed around the start of the pandemic. The job used to give incentive for working hard and being capable. Management keeps adding more stuff to do that is redundant. We have four ways of tracking metrics of the day to day. When one method would work if they understood that. Instead we waste time doing in different ways for some reason. The are always trying to achieve more production which makes sense, but they had more machines than people, and corporate management said no to hiring. So we all have been working more overtime in the last 7 months than I have in multiple years. They have been “trying” to change pay progression the last few years, because of complaints. I say trying, because it shouldn’t take a few years to make a plan. The many new hires have been at a lower level of competence, and work ethic on average lately. Which drives down productivity, and morale for everyone who works around them. No one there wants to do any extra work. Due to the fact we have increased workload a lot in the last few years, and pay does not match nor is there much opportunity for advancement. They pay lower, or the same as similar companies locally. Mostly on the lower end, and due to the amount of overtime most people are considering leaving. It isn’t bad, but it was considerably better than it is now. Management wants you to constantly do better while they provide no incentive to do so. You can earn a quarterly bonus, but if you work one day of overtime you make more than the bonus. The culture is very much