Working at TrustMark Insurance Company: Employee Reviews |

The Good: Trainer was excellent and good-natured. Manager was kind and supportive. Coworkers really did work as a team. Working from home was sweet. Most customers on the phone were nice (only a few crazy/angry ones). Pay was respectable for this type of job. Can feel good to call a policy holder with good news about their approved claim see how much it makes their day.

The Bad: The workload eventually become too much for me, as my good performance was ‘rewarded’ with increasing responsibility. The technology and databases used were either outdated, poorly designed, or glitchy, which made many, many tasks take longer than they should. Some rules were unclear or inconsistent regarding an insurance discount program. When your team members are out of work, workload increases for everyone else. I took the job hoping to work a normal workweek (for once in my life), but I could not handle the increasing workload, and secretly worked overtime before my shift began, to get ahead on reading the sometimes hundreds of pages of medical paperwork submitted by customers making insurance claims. Too frequently the number of claims I had to process per day would be double the expected average. My last day, it quadrupled. It is difficult to maintain concentration on a claim while being constantly interrupted by incoming calls. I’m a careful reader, but not a fast one.