Working For a Corporate Company Versus a Family-Owned Company | Knobelsdorff Enterprises

Regardless of their size or business model, the majority of companies want to hire honest, hardworking people with appropriate, job-related skills. This goes for corporate companies and family-owned companies alike.

When it comes to scarce positions, potential employees might have to sign on wherever there’s an opening, but things are different for industrial electrician jobs. These positions are in high demand, which puts the ball in the applicant’s court. So, which type of company structure would you prefer? If you’re unsure now, hopefully, this will help:

Corporation Vs. Family-Owned

Family-owned businesses and corporate companies differ in multiple ways. Today, I’ll cover the main differences related to structure, individual responsibility, and career development. 


While corporate companies are known for having well-established internal structures, family-owned businesses oftentimes have a more flexible structure. They’re known to change and evolve along with family members and family values. And this connection to family values typically leads to strong company culture. 

In a family-owned company structure, you’ll find a shorter chain of command than you will with corporations. In some situations, you might be just one, two, or three people away from the head of the company. Within corporate structures, you may only ever meet or interact with the heads of your company at company events. 

individual responsibility 

In a corporate setting, your role will very likely be well-defined. You’ll know which actions are your responsibility and which ones belong to other members of your team. You’ll have a straightforward title and the responsibilities that go along with it. 

Individual responsibility in family-owned businesses is different. You’re more likely to dabble in multiple roles and lend a helping hand wherever needed, especially in smaller businesses. It’s more likely an employee of a family-owned business will have opportunities to flex different skills and feel like a person instead of a number. 

Career Development

Within a corporate company, your path of career development is usually pretty set. You start where you start, and any advancements will be within the company’s current structure. In a family-owned business, you’re more likely to find an open career development path.

Remember when I mentioned how you get the opportunity to dabble and flex different skills? Those opportunities can help uncover what you’re best at or what you’re interested in, which can point you toward the career path that’ll benefit both you and the company. That’s the sort of thing that’s possible when you’re part of a family-owned business. Your specific skills can be noticed, nurtured, and developed and land you in a job you look forward to every day.  

Beyond the differences mentioned above, family-owned businesses are also known for valuing relationships. They value relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and the community. Because they know those strong relationships will keep them successful and help them sustain growth. 

Take us, for instance. Knobelsdorff is a family-owned company, and we have industrial electrician jobs available. We hope to find individuals who are honest, hardworking, and skilled communicators to work with us.