WSDOT Jobs – New Employee Orientation

As a new WSDOT employee, you are required to attend a NEO. Human Resources will contact your supervisor with the time, date and location where this orientation will take place. This is where you will obtain information regarding your benefits and next steps as a new employee.

Complete Required Forms

You will have several forms to complete within specified timeframes to process your insurance benefits, payroll, retirement, etc. These forms will be provided to you during your NEO. Below is where you will obtain additional information on required forms and the timeframe it needs to be completed and submit.

At WSDOT equal employment opportunity efforts are important to us. You will need to complete the Affirmative Action and Demographic Data (PDF 148KB), however, responses to questions 4 through 13 are voluntary. This form is to assist us in evaluating equal employment opportunity efforts, affirmative action purposes and providing additional points for qualified veterans or their spouses who meet state qualification. View the Affirmative Action Definitions for additional information.

Your First Paycheck

Your first paycheck will be automatically sent to your mailing address. Please be sure to double check the accuracy of the address you provide on your W-4 document. You can also provide your mailing address (if different from your home address) in writing to the Employee Services Team. Contact them at if your address needs to be updated.


WSDOT paydays are the 10th and 25th of each month, but are adjusted if they fall on a weekend or a holiday. Any hours worked for the 1st through the 15th of the month are paid on the paycheck on the 25th of that month. Any hours worked on the 16th through the end of the month are paid on the paycheck on the 10th of the following month. To learn more you can view the state’s payday and holiday calendar.

Direct Deposit & Earnings Statements

WSDOT employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit, which transfer your salary straight into your checking or savings account. To view your earnings statements, WSDOT uses a secure, password-protected, on-line portal called MyPortal. You can also update contact information and demographic data through MyPortal. To access MyPortal you will need your employee identification number and WSDOT email address if not logging in through the WSDOT network. Your supervisor can provide this information to you.


Depending on your job classification, you may need to complete a timesheet to report your labor and leave hours. Please work with your supervisor to identify if your position is required to do so.  Timesheets are submitted twice each month, for pay periods ending the 15th and last day of the month.  You can find information about WSDOT’s electronic time and leave system (DOTtime) on WSDOT’s internal website or DOTtime Help page.  Your supervisor and/or timekeeper will orient you to the DOTtime system and training slides are available. DOTtime can be accessed via an icon on your desktop and via your mobile device. New employees may not be able to access DOTtime for up to 48 hours after being keyed into HRMS. If, after this time period, you cannot authenticate using SSO, please contact HQ Payroll.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

WSDOT has positions that are represented by a union. If you have questions on whether or not your position is union represented please contact your supervisor or Human Resource Consultant. The collective bargaining agreements between the State of Washington and the different unions can be found on the following website the Office of Financial Management website.