Wusong Road – Tiki Bar and Restaurant

What’s up with Tiki?

“I thought Tiki was cancelled in 2020”.

A quote from one of our very first guests during our soft opening (when asked to describe the bar). It suddenly Donned on us: maybe our guests did not know of the correlation between Tiki and American Chinese restaurants. Especially how American Chinese restaurants became the stewards of Tiki drinks during a period when Tiki culture and art faded from popularity by the end of the 1960s through the early 2000s.

Growing up in my parent’s American Chinese restaurant 1990’s (in Malden Massachusetts, in a place on main street called Bobo’s), Scorpion bowls, Pu Pu platters, zombies, Mai Tais’, and Peking ravioli were all standard dishes—no longer the ‘exotic’ drinks and dishes they once were. Restaurants were a way for many American Chinese families to make a living—in some cases the only reason why they were even allowed to come to the United States. These ‘tropical’ drinks and appetizers were had become restaurant standards, no one questioned their origins, their providence, or their history. These drinks and appetizers were just so ingrained into American Chinese restaurant culture by this time. Tiki wasn’t so much a craft movement, it’s just what our guests expected and it’s what I just grew up with, these dishes and drinks to me where Chinese, because if anything Chinese food is highly adaptable and will always change to serve local taste.

Wusong Road is not intended to be a ‘political’ or ‘social’ commentary on Tiki culture. Instead Wusong Road is a celebration on the Asian American restaurant experience that is so ingrained in our history and culture.

Wusong Road is a Tiki bar where we match that Asian American restaurant affordability, plush mid-century modern comfort-ability and top it off with a splash of rum and good old fashioned hospitality. We really wanted to create a space where you can enjoy a beautiful Blue Hawaiian cocktail, eat a bao shaped like a bird and wear that one tropical print shirt you own (even if it’s on a wintry New England night). So we welcome you to come escape to our little slice of paradise in Harvard Square.


Chef Jason Doo