Yassou Greek Grill – Las Vegas – Menus and pictures

Yassou Greek Grill Menu
Menu and prices subject to change




American Fries 2.99
Flash fried to golden brown perfection


Greek Fries 3.19
Our special herbs & spices with feta


Saganaki 7.99
Imported cheese flamed with brandy


Spanakopita 4.99
Spinach & feta wrapped in flaky filo


Dolmades 6.29
5 stuffed grape leaves, rice, herb & spices with fresh ground beef
Add small side salad 2.99


Taramosalata 4.99
Red caviar, potato, olive oil & lemon spread


Tzatziki 4.99
Yogurt, garlic & crushed cucumber spread


Hummus 4.99
Crushed chickpeas, garlic, lemon & olive oil spread


Greek Salad & Rice Pilaf 3.99


Rice Pilaf 1.99
Our delectable buttery lemon and herb rice pilaf



Greek Salad 6.49
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives & feta
With Lemon Herb Chicken 9.59
With Lemon Herb Steak 9.99
With Deluxe Gyros & Lemon Herb Chicken 9.99
With Neptuna Twist 8.79
(A delicious white meat Albacore Tuna)
With Flame Broiled Gyros 9.99
(Flame Broiled Beef & Lamb)


Small Greek Salad 3.99


With Traditional Greek Chicken and Lemon Soup 2.99




Greek Pizza 7.59
Spinach, Feta, Basil, Olives & Our Special Sauce


Mediterranean Pizza 6.99
Mozzarella, Romano Cheeses with Our red Tomato Sauce
With Chicken 9.39
With Gyro 9.39


Greek Pasta 7.29
Spaghetti with Brown Butter and Imported Mizithra Cheese
With Chicken 9.29
With Gyro 9.29
With Calamari 11.49

Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & Tzaziki sauce
*Add Greek Salad & Rice Pilaf for 2.49 To Any Sandwich
Extra Tzatziki 50¢


My Big Fat Gyro 7.79
Flame broiled beef & lamb with feta cheese


Yassou’s Gyros Pita 6.99
Flame broiled Beef & Lamb


Lemon Herb Chicken Pita 7.29
Flame broiled chicken breast marinated in lemon and herbs


Super Lemon Herb Chicken Pita 7.79
6 Oz. grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon and herbs with feta


Lemon Herb Steak Souvlaki Pita 7.99
Tenderloin simarinated & grilled to perfection


Super Lemon Hern Steak Pita 8.29
6 Oz. Tenderloin marinated & grilled to perfection with feta


Tuna Mykonos Pita 6.69
Delicious white meat Albacore Tuna


Olympic Veggie Pita 4.99


Served with Greek Salad, Rice Pilaf, Pita Bread & Tzaziki Sauce


Gyro Plate 10.39
Flame Broiled Beef & lamb Shaved Into Tender Strips


Gyro & Spanakopita Plate 10.39
Tender strips of Gyro & one Olympic-sized Spanakopita


Gyro & Steak Souvlaki 11.29
Tender strips of gyro and steak on a skewer


Gyro & Chicken Souvlaki 10.49
Our savory gyro meat and one skewer of lemon herb chicken


Souvlaki Combo 10.39
Beef or Chicken in our special lemon herb marinate


Chicken Souvlaki 10.39
Two skewers of our marinated chicken flame broiled


Steak Souvlaki 13.49
Two skewers of tender sirloin steak marinated in lemon and herbs


Calamari 10.89
Lightly floured flash fried to golden perfection


Pastitsio 10.79
Baked stuffed macaroni with chopped meat, cheese, in a white creamy sauce


Moussaka 11.29
Ground beef, eggplant & potatoes layered and topped with bechamel sauce


Pork Tenderloin Plate 11.29

All Served With Greek Salad, Rice Pilaf, Pita Bread & Tzaziki Sauce


Veggie Spreads Plate 8.19
A delicious assortment of Hummus, Tzakziki, Taramosalata & meatless Dolmades


Sanakopita Plate 10.39
Two spinach & feta wrapped in Filo Triangles with meatless Dolmades




Baklava 2.00
Cinnamon & crushed walnuts in fine fillo pastry layers topped with honey


Rice pudding 2.99
Sweet and fluffy flavored with a touch of cinnamon