Yearling Restaurant and Cabins in Hawthorne, FL | Expedia

This was suppose to be a two night kayaking trip. We arrived late the first night so we just brought our things inside and headed to bed shortly after. We woke the next morning to roaches and ants on the floor, counter tops, and even a few on the wall and in the cracks of the refrigerator. The toilet was leaking and the blinds above the bed didn’t work at all. The room was very dusty and unclean. It truly needs a good spring cleaning head to toe.You might want to keep your shoes on while walking around inside. The floor was horrible. Not to the visible eye though. Needless to say we were ready to go. However, we did take a walk about to check out the property and the boat ramp in hopes to at least to enjoy some kayaking then head home. It didn’t get any better for us. The water at the ramp had a lot of green algae and we saw 3 small alligators near by so we just didn’t feel comfortable enough to put the kayaks in the water, definitely not ourselves. I’m use to seeing alligators while kayaking but the water was just too unclean to risk not seeing maybe a larger alligator that I couldn’t get away from fast enough. The whole area just looked in poor condition. The cabins, the restaurant, everything. I wish this could have been a good trip and I could have given it a great review but that was not the case. I will say this about Cindy, I think she was the resort manager. She was great!!! Great communication and she refunded both of my nights which I didn’t expect. Thank you Cindy