Yella on the Water menu in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Wanted to try this restaurant after it was suggested as a must try by a magazine. Reservations were easy to get for lunch. We arrived a little early & got a table out on the patio overlooking the water. It was a hot day & no cover over our heads so that was a bad decision on our part. Thank god it was windy so that helped a little. Our server was very friendly & I ordered the chicken kebabs on her recommendation even though I was tempted to have the fish tacos. My partner ordered the shakshuka. Our food arrived pretty quickly & I didn?t pay attention when ordering because my kebabs came with fries not rice or pita bread. Kinda strange combo. The kebabs were okay, not as flavorful as I?d expected. My partner?s shakshuka had lots of veggies & chickpeas in the sauce & only 1 fried egg & a piece of bread. I tasted it & it was sweet. Not at all like the shakshuka I?ve had at other places. Our entrees were $21 & $22 each & expensive for what we got served. We trekked an hour a half to eat here & I can?t say it was worth the drive & traffic!