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LVA Review

This restaurant was re-reviewed in the January 2012 LVA; some of the information contained in this review may no longer be accurate. This Light Group restaurant is known for attracting lots of celebs and otherwise beautiful people. If you like that and want to pay high prices for really good sushi, then this might be your place. But those prices are a bit too steep for our taste. Single orders (two pieces) of nigiri sushi go for $9 to $12 apiece and specialty rolls are in the teens. “Shared plates” like yellowtail Serrano or Tai snapper are $23 and up. And these are small portions, so you have to order several of them. The bill for two of us with just two bottles of tall Asahi came to $259 before the tip. It’s good fish, but you can get just as good for about a third of the price at Sen of Japan (LVA 8/10). There are two things worth touting here, though. One is the shimmering back-of-a-fish façade at the entrance—walk by and take a look. The other is a dessert simply described as “chocolate” on our receipt. If you get an urge, just go in and ask for the amazing chocolate bomb, because that describes it (and it’s only 12 bucks).