Yoder’s Restaurant & Amish Village menu in Sarasota, Florida, USA

My sister recommended we dine here. Was very excited to see chicken livers and okra on the menu. Delicious. Fried perfectly. Surprised to see our orders were such large portions except the chicken fried chicken seen in the photo. It was plenty but I recommend portion size should be similar across the board. Sadly My husband’s Fried chicken was under seasoned. A warm stack of complimentary Amish bread slices were brought to our table to share before the meals arrived. Fresh Apple butter is on the table and both were excellent. The most disappointing was the service. We were prepared to wait as most places are short staffed, however once the food was delivered nice and hot, the waitress Never once came back to our table to check on anything, to order dessert, refills on drinks, to go boxes and our check. My husband who has the most patience in the world was the most frustrated. We finally had to flag down the passing hostess who was very sweet to help us. Our first experience here started out great and quickly Became a disappointment. Many positives but dropping your customers like a hot potato is bad for business. We truly felt unwanted. Hopefully this won’t happen to anyone else.