Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant menu in Reno, Nevada, USA

Husband and I first tried Ethiopian when Zygol was located downtown. I was very excited for the experience. He was not impressed but I enjoyed it. Tasty food but the glasses were dirty. Which I thought was weird since we were the only patrons in the restaurant at the time. So I asked for a new glass of water and she came back with another dirty glass..fine I just pushed it aside. Tried her restaurant at the new location here in 2020 when I know they’re struggling and same story years later. Dirty. Glasses. By dirty I mean visibly unclean, scuffs on the outside and small black things in and on the I dunno what’s up with all the dirty beverage glasses but nevertheless the owner’s food is good and I try to support. Last visit I made reservations for a large group of 6 or more friends from out of town to try as well but many had unfortunately canceled last minute and when I told the owner she was noticeably upset. I decided to order because I felt bad and actually did like her food but she huffed and puffed saying she didn’t have the beef wat which was arguably one of the best menu items. Menu is still confusing to understand and could be redone for simplicity sake. I ended up being glad my friends who cancelled didn’t go. Disappointed in overall service over the years -2 for service, price and portion size but if you can get past that her food is actually good.