Zehnder’s Restaurant Gluten-Free – Frankenmuth – 2022

They have a gf menu, but I went in knowing the food choices would be less than those of my family, but was still saddened by the quality. I wanted the chicken but our server came back after ordering to tell me they were out…. Of chicken??? Their speciality?? So I went with the Sausage and sauerkraut. If was bland and forgettable. They also didn’t include the veggies and the starch that the menu said came with the meal. When I asked the server said they didn’t come with the meal and I didn’t feel like arguing. He did bring me a baked potato but it was kind of cold. Huge letdown for what was supposed to be one of the best restaurants in town. Also, it’s obnoxious that they offer GF bread down in their bakery, but won’t give you some when they give it to everyone else at the table and you are paying $20+ a plate and already not able to eat many sides. I did get a brownie from the bakery after dinner and it was decent. I’m a celiac and didn’t get sick.. But I will go to the barivian next time!