zero otto nove – New York – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Despite the borough’s rapid changes, it’s great to see this sweet little trattoria keep things steady. Thanks to exposed brick, whitewashed arches, clean wood tables, and that fiery oven centerpiece, dining here feels like an instant trip to Salerno by way of the Bronx. The inviting space also flaunts warm, courteous service and a regular fan following, so you’ll be lucky to score a seat. They’re all here for the southern-leaning fare, which ranges from a roster of irresistible pizzas and paste al cartoccio to deliciously hearty entrées. Speaking of, don’t miss the brasato al #Peroni, starring beer-braised short ribs with cherry peppers and gorgonzola dolce.
The homestyle food, top wines, and friendly vibe combined makes it a sort of culinary wonderland.