Zorba the Buddha Restaurant

A beautiful, pool-side eatery where you can find delicious cooked-to-order items throughout the day. From pasta al gorgonzola to pizza to omelets, french fries, parathas, veggie burgers, masala dosas…to accompany a cappuccino, to go with a delicious dessert…. Or perhaps you just need a cold drink in between some serious sunbathing by the Olympic-sized pool.


Or in the evening, perhaps a candlelight dinner of coconut-carrot-orange cream soup, mushroom millefeuille and apple pie….


"My discos, my restaurants are called 'Zorba the Buddha'. First I am a Zorba, and then I am a Buddha. And remember, if I have to choose between the two, I will choose Zorba, not Buddha because the Zorba can always become the Buddha, but the Buddha becomes confined to his own holiness. He cannot go to the disco and become the Zorba. And to me, freedom is the highest value; there is nothing greater, more precious, than freedom."


Osho, From Death to Deathlessness, Talk #3